Having built every conceivable guitar design, both acoustic and electric, over the last thirty or so years, I think that the essence of the perfect guitar should be that it sounds fabulous, be a breeze to play, it should be totally user-friendly and should be built using the best materials available.

With the Radiomaster, I believe that designer Paul Mah and I have indeed produced that most elusive of creatures- the perfect guitar!

This guitar is hand-built one at a time using plantation grown mahogany for both the body and the neck and using the best quality hardware and pickups. I just think that we have produced an electric guitar that might just have universal appeal for all guitarists.

I like to think that we have drawn inspiration from the best guitars that have gone before, capitalized on their strengths and addressed their shortcomings to produce what a number of my customers have called- the best guitar they’ve ever played!

Try it on for size. The guitar sits comfortably without undue weight, either on your knee or on a strap. It snuggles right in there. It balances perfectly. The neck is just right- a combination of the best necks from the Big Two.  The action can be just as you want it- low and fast or just right for string bending.

The appearance can be just a bit retro or totally rock’n'roll. And those pickups? How good do they sound…total clarity or singing distortion and so responsive…

In live performance, these guitars have proven to be just what was intended- very comfortable, easy to play, simple to control and with a huge sound all of their own.

We’re already convinced and so are some of the best guitar players I know.

Sandy Richards