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9: First semi-solid (1992)


Bound semi-solid with a carved myrtle top and back, ash sides and blackwood neck with Gotoh locking system and two Di Marzio Megadrive pickups.

The guitar is very loosely based on a short-lived Fender shape and is tone chambered, as can be seen through the reversed Ricky- style slash…

The neck is bolt on using my favoured stainless steel bolting system.

This guitars was sold through Crossroads Music in Ballarat to Darren Carson of Mt. Gambier, in 1992.

I recently received an email from Barry who had this to say about this guitar…

“I was with a fella named Darren Carson when he bought red semi solid with the reverse sound hole back in the early nineties.

I’d never admit it to him of course but that guitar remains to be one of the best guitars Ive played.”

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