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50: – 50 0301- Richard Kornas’s PRS-style guitar. (2001)


Made of solid African mahogany with a mahogany neck, this guitar has a maple cap and ebony fret board with sandpipers inlaid in the fretboard, PRS- like. The pickups are both Gibson items, and it is finished in transparent red. The neck, in the early stages, pulled backwards, but has now stabilised.

Last week, (April, 2012), this guitar reappeared in my workshop because Lennart, its new owner, wanted some modifications made, including removing some of the weight of the guitar, and so I routed a substantial amount of timber from the back of the guitar to make it appreciably lighter. The new cavity is covered using a 3mm acrylic rear plate.

I had forgotten, though, just how good this guitar sounded and just how well it played, and after a bit of a set up, it’s back to as good as new, sounding and playing wonderfully.

“Just perfect…” as Lennart said when he picked it up this morning…

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