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35: 35/1296-001- RGa-35 (1996)

A prototype small-bodied acoustic with slotted headstock, based on the Martin New Yorker made specifically for John Lane of Fretted Instruments in Fitzroy. It had no adjustable truss rod and John required modifications for subsequent instruments, so the guitar was inlaid with the Sovereign Hill logo and presented to the Men o’ the Hill and has been much played by them. It was returned for repair in November 2002 and a broken brace was repaired and the top refinished and considerable fret wear removed. It is now in the keeping of my old friend Paul Flowers of the Men o’ the Hill.

This guitar returned in 2015 for fret wear removal and is in excellent condition in spite of nearly 20 year’s constant use. I’m very proud of this little guitar!

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