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12717- Lyndon’s classical

Friday, July 28th, 2017

This classical guitar was built for Lyndon to replace his very old Maton classical that I’ve repaired a number of times.

The new guitar has a torrefied spruce top and the back and sides are Indian rosewood that has been in my stock of timber for well over twenty years.

The guitar is fitted with a K&K Pure Classical pickup system.

The guitar has been built so that it is light and hopefully resonant and but I’m yet to be convinced that the torrefied wood provides the benefits of the propaganda. Whilst it sounds good, I was hoping for a better outcome. However, the pickup system delivers a really good sounding instrument and it will be played through Lyndon’s amp system often as not…

I have inlaid a paua shell sound hole rosette and a similar but much smaller fretboard inlay as I inlaid in the harp guitar- 11414- also made for Lyndon a couple of years ago.

The machine heads are Grover classicals.

80: – 80 1207 – Classical guitar made for Heath Joyce. (2007)

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


This guitar was made from a design from Stewart McDonald by John Bogdanovich and supposedly based on Andre Segovia’s 1930s instrument. The top is AAA Western Red cedar from Stewmac and the back and sides are of East Indian rosewood purchased in 1995. The neck is made of swietenia mahogany from AFT. The fingerboard is black ebony. Grover classical tuners are used.