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94-940810- Black Radiomaster Standard.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

This guitar was made especially for Vinci Andanar of local band Gold Fields, and has a non-standard pearl scratchplate and maple headstock.

It is set up for 11 to 54 gauge strings.

Vinci in action with Gold Fields in Adelaide, September 2011.

93- 930610- Sunburst Radiomaster Deluxe

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

930610 is the first Radiomaster Deluxe produced.

The specifications are the same as the Standard but the Deluxe uses gold hardware and is fitted with a gold Bigsby tremolo system.

This guitar is also featured in the Radiomaster section.

This Radiomaster Deluxe was bought by Frank from Mt Eliza. When we spoke recently, I got the impression that he was rather pleased with his recent acquisition…and he got it for a good price…

92- 920610 Black Standard Radiomaster

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

One of the first series of Radiomasters made, this guitar was kept as a demonstration model for a year or so and was put to really good use…

I had contacted Mick Brierley about supplying pickups for the Radiomasters but at that time, he wasn’t producing any P90 style pickups. When he did several months later, he sent me a pair for assessment and I installed them into this guitar – I’ve used Mick’s “B90s” ever since.

The guitar was eventually sold through the Music Swap Shop to Nick Wilson of Melbourne.

At the end of 2015, the guitar was returned to me because it had experienced a cracked headstock which was duly repaired with no lasting ill effects.

91- The first production Radiomaster

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

910610- The first “production” Radiomaster, finished in transparent red, featuring on the Radiomaster section of the website.

This guitar belongs to Heath Joyce , a really nice local guitar player and teacher, and the guitar can be heard front and centre in Heath’s band, Brother Popcorn.

Brother Popcorn

Have a listen…

Brother Popcorn – Demo – 02 Chicken Pox

And have a look…

90- Radiomaster prototype

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

90310 is the prototype Radiomaster designed by Paul Mah and myself.

The guitar uses swietenia mahogany for both the neck and the body and the fretboard is rosewood. The pickups decided on for the Radiomaster are Harmonic Design Z90s and the hardware is Grover machine heads and Gotoh bridge and tailpiece.

The first of these guitars is finished in tobacco sunburst and has a black acrylic scratchplate.

This guitar is owned by another of my favourite players, Shane Gilbert.

Shane plays this guitar on the Audio Samples section of my website.

Several years later and Shane is still playing his Radiomaster, slightly modified with Brierley humbucking pickups and a cream scratchplate with Geoff Achison at The Matt Cave in late 2014..

89- 890210-: Geoff’s Dreadnought (2010)-The Bronzewing.

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

imgp00041A Dreadnought very similar in construction to the “Dark Horse” and using Master grade Englemann spruce and top quality Indian rosewood back and sides.

Geoff McArthur and I go back a long way and we used to play together in the “Olden Days” when we were both much younger. Geoff seems to have developed quite a reputation as a songwriter and performer, as well as a mentor of future performers.

Anyway, I’ve been keen to make an instrument for Geoff for years and I’m delighted that he’s finally decided to allow me to do something about it! The inlay designs on the fretboard and headstock, as well as the unique bridge design, are as a result of a red or two we shared out in the workshop…

Geoff posted this on his Facebook page this morning…

Thanks Geoff…

88:- 881209- Darren’s Ricky 381- style guitar (2009)

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Darren approached me in the middle of 2009 to build a Rickenbacker- style guitar for him. As a Ricky owner, he wanted a 381- style guitar but with humbucking pickups while keeping the Ricky vibe.

The design was based on the 381 with the carved edge front and back but we reversed the headstock and fitted a Bigsby trem system. The pickups that Darren chose are GFS Retrotron “Memphis” units and the guitar was painted to match his Wine Red Les Paul. The construction was Ricky-based using a nice quilted maple top and with heavy white/black/white binding. The rosewood fretboard was inlaid with LP-style mother-of-pearl block markers .

87:- 870909- James’ mini PRS (2009)

Saturday, November 7th, 2009



My elder grandson James is a keen budding guitar player and the inexpensive “beginner’s guitar” I bought him to start on just doesn’t do it. When James visits, he loves to play my guitar, a McCarty PRS. So…for his birthday, Grandad had to make him his own electric guitar, a miniature version of the McCarty.

The guitar is 75mm shorter in scale length and the construction is pretty much the same as the genuine item. The machineheads and bridge are Wilkinson and the pickups are WSC humbuckers. The strings are 10 to 46s and the little guitar is surprisingly playable.

86:- 860709- Paul’s “Dark Horse” Dreadnought. (2009)

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


The Dark Horse Dreadnought is for Paul Mah,graphic designer, singer/ songwriter and the man behind Goodbye Stereo.

This guitar has been designed by Paul, but construction is based very largely on the “Prototype” guitar and is very Martin-like in concept. This guitar uses a Master Grade Engelmann spruce top and best quality East Indian rosewood for back and sides. The neck is laminated swietenia mahogany. We’ve used Schaller machine heads for the slotted headstock and the pickup system is the LR Baggs M1 soundhole pickup through a Baggs Para acoustic DI box.

pm_dh2Paul performing at the Karova Lounge, Ballarat, February 2010. Photograph by Sheridan Lofts.

The resulting instrument really is sensational, both in appearance and sound quality, due in no small part to a little advice from friend and colleague David Churchill, clearly one of Australia’s foremost acoustic guitar builders…

85:- 850509- Prototype Dreadnought acoustic (2009)

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


After a number of acoustics, I’ve been asked to make a couple of Dreadnought- style instruments and I’ve been very impressed with a Martin D18 and an old (mid 60s) Gibson Country Western acoustic that came into my workshop for some minor work. Why then, would I not take the best characteristics from the Martin and the Gibson and adapt them to a prototype to test the concept?

And the result? Not bad at all!

This guitar was purchased by Liam Weightman August, 2009.